Paul Schick, Original Organic Fine Art Constructions

Twig Weave by Paul SchickPaul Schick’s twig constructions began in 1987, after five mind-expanding years at Otis College of Art and Design. Inspired by such artists as Charles Arnoldi, Deborah Butterfield and Andy Goldsworthy, Schick has evolved and advanced his style through natural media. His creations have been featured in some of the finest hotels, spas and designer homes across North America. Paul will take pride in fashioning the perfect piece to meet your specific design needs.

Paul Schick’s designs have been incorporated into numerous decorative and functional pieces, including:

  • Folding Screens
  • Columns
  • Vessels
  • Wall Hangings
    • Zigzags
    • Spheres
    • Twig Circles
    • Squares
    • Rectangles
    • Redwood Weaves
    • Palm Fronds


  1. I love your art and it fits what I have been searching for to give my home a nature feel but I was wondering…are the twigs treated or coated to preserve them or to be sure they are not bringing in any organic organisms that may be hidden? I know here where I live we have been invaded by some insects so I wouldn’t dare bring any outdoor stuff indoor to prevent them from hatching in my home. I just want to be sure I would not be transporting something from your location to mine as infected lumber was the cause of our issues. Can you post on your website some information of your process with out giving away any of your secrets to settle my mind to explore this avenue in my home.

  2. Marilyn Rogers says:

    Paul – LOVE your work! You have always been so talented.


  3. Jenn Nodine says:

    I’m a little bit thrown by the first comment/question…has the human race become so far out of touch with nature that we have to hermetically seal everything from outdoors in order to bring it into our homes? Why not buy one made out of plastic then, just to be safe?
    To harbor such an abhorrence of the natural world is, in my opinion, to be completely at odds with the meaning held in Mr. Schick’s work. His art celebrates the beauty of nature in all its random, erratic and unbridled glory.

  4. Paul, Love your art! What type(s) of wood do you use? I’m considering a piece, yet have a several wood types in my home, and wondering if it will compliment or compete…

  5. Cheryl Blankenship says:

    Dear Paul,
    I think I love you! To borrow the words of David Cassidy..
    Your work is fabulous and inspiring.

    Thank you.

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